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  • Long Beach Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Wild Long Beach Animals Away from your Property

How to Keep Wild Long Beach Animals Away from your Property

Like every living being, wild Long Beach animals do what is necessary to survive. They need food and shelter, and will take what is yours and make it they're own. Wild animals are quite the pest. If you are at the point where you do not have any wild animals on your property, and would like to keep it take way, you should consider taking some extra steps to keep these wild animals away from your property.

While wild California animals are on the hunt for food, you do not want to do anything to attract them to your property. You should make sure your garbage cans that are kept outside are shut tight in case an animal tries to get inside the can. Also, if the can were to get knocked over and the lid is on tight it is less likely to spill, which could attract a wild animal. Sometimes shutting the lid tight isn't enough though. If your dealing with a stronger animal, like a raccoon, you may want to consider putting weights and rocks on top of the cans. Lid securing contraptions are also available. The smell of rotting food is what will attract a wild animal to your trash cans, so you can also consider cleaning the trash cans occasionally in hopes that it will help reduce the smell of rotting food.

When you are feeding your pet outside, be cautious to what is going on around you. In some cases, you may even want to consider monitoring your pet while the food is being consumed. Remember, wild animals are pests and they are bold! After the food is consumed, make sure the area is cleaned up.

Yards with ponds are frequently visited by Long Beach animals, such as raccoons, who love water foods. If you have a pond in your yard, you might want to consider getting an electric fence around the pond to keep the raccoon out. If you do not want to get the fence, but you also want the raccoon gone, you are going to have to make a compromise to get what you want. If the food is there, the animal is there. You will have to then decide if you would rather get rid of the pond.

If you have a garden in your yard, you have a great source of food for wild California animals to get into. The best option to prevent animals from getting in your garden is, also, a fence. Do not let your fruits and vegetables over ripen while they are still on the vine, and be sure to pick up what falls. You do not want to attract any wild animals to your garden. Building a raised garden may be an option for you to think about as well.

Preventing Long Beach animals from squeezing into tight spaces is another option. You will want to inspect your home for gaps and holes and seal them shut. To eliminate the chimney as an entry point, you can place a grate over it. To avoid animals gaining access to the roof, trim any tree branches that could extend to the roof. Gutter guards are also available at home improvement stores, and they prevent entry onto the roof.

If food sources are limited, along with habitable areas, in and around your house the California animal will be less like to come on your property. You should also make sure to prevent and repair any potential point of entry.

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